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 ALARM SECURITY  CIT cash in transit smoke dye
ALLARME SICUREZZA contanti in tinta fumo transito
ALLARME SICUREZZA contanti in tinta fumo transito

With Several Remote Controlled Security Modes,
This Case Gives You Complete Loss-Proof, Snoop-Proof, Theft Proof And Robbery Proof Functions.

Our shock alarm security briefcase is just the product for securing important documents, laptops, cash, or confidential products on the go.With a remote control wireless arming unit, you can turn the security features on and off. If someone attempts to pick up the briefcase, they will get the Shock of their life and a loud Alarm will go off causing the thief to drop the briefcase at once.


This security case has several different function modes that can be activated by remote control. These include:

Loss-Proof And Function:
Within the distance of 3-15m, warning by sound alarm
“Loss-proof” is a unique special function of the super safety suitcase. On travel, to avoid the case carrying valuable articles to be stolen or forgotten, you can set this case in “loss-proof” function, with the remote controller. Once you are exceeding the distance of 3-5m, it will give alarm signal automatically to remind you. In case you find the case was stolen, set “robbery-proof” function to force the thief to drop your case.

Stealing-Proof Function:
Alert period is more than 48h. If the case is stolen, it will simultaneously realize the functions of sound alarm and whole surface high-voltage pulse electric shock. The sound level exceeds 85db; electric shock voltage exceeds 30,000v.


Robbery-Proof Function:
Remote control distance exceeds 50m (more than 100m in open area). The case simultaneously realizes the functions of sound alarm and high-voltage pulse electric shock. The sound level exceeds 110db;

electric shock voltage exceeds 30,000v.
If you are threatened by the robber for your case carrying valuable articles, to protect yourself, you shall give up the case. Once the robber is far but within 100m, and can not hurt you, you can take the remote controller to set “robbery-proof”. The case will immediately give alarm and high-voltage electric shock, to force the robber to leave case and ran away.

Snoop-Proof Functions:
Because of all the features above, you never have to worry about someone snooping into your briefcase. Instead of snooping, the spy will get the shock/alarm of their life if they attempt to snoop into what is inside your case!


This briefcase is high grade fashionable eco-leather and prevents, losing, stealing and robbing.

Dimensions: outside 45 x 34 x 10 centimeters, inside 42 x 32 x 8 centimeters    Weight: 2,5 kg



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