You need effective and economic protection for your cash and valuable assets?  AXA d.o.o. can provide your cash and valuables in transit security solution.

We are experienced producer and supplier of specialist security equipment to the retail, cash in transit, banking, bond carrying, sensitive/high value documents and jewellery transporting industries.

We can design or customize any of our products to your requirements or we can develop and produce product which will best suit your needs.

The device can be switched on/off:
by using a switch,
by using a key,
or by using RF or IR remote control.
Additional Switches can be installed against unauthorized opening.
The device can be activated:
manually, by pulling the pin,
by physical disruption or cutting lines,
by remote control
by motion sensor
by automatic distance measurement ( PROXIMITY )
by GPS / GSM / SMS signal
Remote controllers can have range of 80-3000 meters
Devices can protect your property:
by loud sound alarm
by electroshock ( 40000 - 80000 W, but not lethal for humans )
by smoke cartridges that does not color the content and environment
by dye smoke cartridges which stain content and environment
by dye liquid that stain content

We can provide different styles and dimensions of the bags and cases or we can instal our products in cases you provide.


Other electric shock - stun cases and bags styles and dimensions

We can customize our products or develop new ones according to your specification

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