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We can customize our products or develop new ones according to your specification

De securitate de alarmă, electroșocuri, numerar în tranzit, colorant fum

An electrochemical device HPS-2 with an audible alarm and smoke cartridge is a product that keeps your valuables, money and important documents.

The device can be placed in any bag, purse, bag, container and so on.
Smoke cartridge intense color content, the attacker and the environment, and a large amount (17 m3) of thick red smoke draws attention to the event.
The alarm is activated by remote control or by pulling the cord - pull the metal insert from the body of the device.
Pulling force is 2-3 kg.
Length and type of laces and buckles are made by request of the client.

Smoke cartridge is activated
after the activation of an audible alarm. Usual delay is 10-15 seconds ( can be customized )

If the device is activated by remote control it can be deactivated only by remote control, if it is activated by pulling the cord than can be deactivated only by inserting metal insert into the body of the device.

Audible alarm volume is 140 dB

Dimension of central unit: 16.5 x 10 x 3 cm
The weight is 0.4 kg.

Dimensions of remote: 6 x 4 x 1.5cm
Weight: 35 grams

Range: more than 100 meters outdoors. Indoors depends of the obstacles.

Power for control unit: rechargeable battery.
Power for remote controller: 1pc. 12V battery (Model 27A)

Battery life in a central unit in the "stand-by" mode - more than 350 hours
Battery life in the remote controller  - 1 year

Most common options:

External LED indicator for on / off which is also battery level indicator.
Wall charger with battery charge indicator.


Rechargeable Batteries can be recharged 800 - 1000 TIMES

False alarm and activation are not possible


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